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woohooligan Jul 29, 2017
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The phrase "differently abled" is completely fucking meaningless. Literally everyone in the world is "differently abled" -- not everyone can paint like Rembrandt, not everyone can fly planes, not everyone can squeeze a tiny person out of one of their bodily orifices. As an autistic person, I don't see myself as any different. Yes, my social anxiety made me an improbable pick for a conflict counselor or customer service manager. The other effects of my autism made me an amazing software engineer. Why on earth should I feel "degraded" by acknowledging those differences? That's like going to the pilot of my plane and saying "aww, I feel so sorry for you that you can't perform brain surgery! You must be crushed!"

Way back in 1988 some advocacy groups started promoting this idea of "person first language" in which you had to always describe a person as having, rather than being. No longer would people have to suffer the indignity of "being blind", much better that they "have blindness". What I can't understand is how the CDC still continues to push this as "the only proper way to talk", despite the fact that MOST groups of disabled people have widely rejected it. The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN), the Foundation for the Blind, the National Association for the Deaf, etc, etc...

Look, I'm not one of these guys who says "fuck political correctness", I think it has its place, but sometimes people go overboard. And sometimes people even get me doing it, like using the phrase "human trafficking". Why do we need to make SLAVERY politically correct?! Someone held a retreat to discuss all the worlds problems and decided that at the top of the list was that people who kidnap and sell other human beings for money were getting their feelings hurt by being called "slave traders"? Who's feelings are we going to worry about next? Serial killers?

In person-first language, the admirable attempt to offer sensitivity backfires quite spectacularly and often. If you feel bad calling me autistic, then you need to work that out, because it's not my problem. If someone asks you to use person-first language with them, use it. But don't assume that's what everyone wants. And whatever you do, never tell a disabled person they have to talk like Yoda... it totally ruins the dick jokes.

I made this strip quickly today because I wanted to make sure I got another strip out for you guys before the end of the month. I was a little torn between doing this or putting more time into overhauling our Patreon page again. I overhauled it a couple months ago and I've decided it still needs work. ;P I won't be overhauling it forever, but I do want to make it the best I can, so that means working on it bit by bit, just like I do these comics. Thank you all for all your support. I wouldn't be able to keep working at this comedy if not for friends like you.

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