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woohooligan Oct 21, 2017
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Oddly enough we call electronic junk-mail "spam" because of an old Monty Python sketch. The "food" we call Spam was invented in 1937 and rose to infamy because troops used it during WWII. Following the war, the British parliament made Spam the official food of the United Kingdom, and because of the Brits' simpering collectivism (as opposed to the Patriotism of Americans), restaurants served only Spam and a small quantity of other menu items that stretch the definition of "food" like stargazy pie, jellied eels, haggis, and spotty dicks. And while Brits have a high tolerance for such torture, eventually they tired of having only Spam and that's when Monty Python began the War on Spam!

In the intervening years, "spam" has come to mean unsolicited email, then unsolicited electronic advertising, and more recently it also describes traditional postal "junk mail", unwanted telemarketing and even random flyering.

As with all wars, there is a right side, and a wrong side of the War on Spam. Obviously the wrong side is whatever side thinks I give a shit about Gucci bags and flameless candles. Also the people who created a Spam Museum! That's worse than confederate monuments. The real challenge is this is a guerilla war, like Viet Nam, because we know that nearly 80% of electronic Spam is created by less than two-hundred individual people. And although they are hard to find, we do have an occasional victory, exacting righteous vengeange with the assassination of a Russian spam lord. If we could only find those pricks papering college campuses with "Free Milo". Now that's sure to end the war and deserve the Peace Prize!

In other news, I'm still struggling with my diabetes. I did finally get in to see Dr. Prentice and she agrees there's got to be something more than diabetes going on, and is referring me to an endocrinologist to help figure out what.

In the meantime, this page gets us back into the Hellbent story after a great deal of current events and politics in recent pages. But I realize Hellbent was never really apolitical anyway, and for that matter, neither have comics ever been apolitical. Captain America has essentially been an idealized Social Justice Warrior from the very beginning. And I think I'm finally comfortable embracing the fact that my comics always have been and probably always will be about truth, justice, and the American dick joke.

In the next few days I hope to publish another webcomic whimsy review, and my monthly status update on Patreon.

Stay awesome, Hooligans!

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